Marital Thermal Bliss

The irony of this cartoon is that when Mom goes through menopause, it will be exactly the opposite-the family will be froze out!


Panel 106 Thermal Bliss Color_1




Tachyon Laundry

I don’t know what other wives think about doing laundry, but my wife is obsessed with it! If all the laundry is done, she wanders around the house like a zombie, with no purpose. The rest of the family just tries to stay out of her way…Neurotico Panel 93 Tachyon Laundry

Crazy Robot Party

Lookie! It is a cartoon from my yoot! I don’t know what was in the water in the little home town I grew up in, but it made me hallucinate robots with tea bags on their noses shooting Captain Kirk! Then Kirk and Spock have a really bad hangover. That tea bag ray must be good stuff man!crazy robot party