I Am STILL a Big Poopie Head…

More of my horrible sins. How could God have unleashed such a horrible person on the world?

Panel 69 I'm A Monster Pt 2


Guest Cartoonist Emma’s Freak Baby

Forget about that chump Billy at the Family Circus-Emma is the best guest cartoonist in cartoonland, er, cartoonville, uh, on cartoon island, or whatever the world of cartoons is called!


Guest Cartoonist Emma Part 2-Fire!

Emma thinks it is funny to show me cowering in fear as the living room television is on fire! She forgot to draw my face, but got my grey hair standing up straight, and my grey Duck Dynasty goatee right!

Don’t play with matches near your TV kids!



Tachyon Laundry

I don’t know what other wives think about doing laundry, but my wife is obsessed with it! If all the laundry is done, she wanders around the house like a zombie, with no purpose. The rest of the family just tries to stay out of her way…Neurotico Panel 93 Tachyon Laundry

I am a doughboy once again…

I finally got a break from that horrible institution known as “work.” long enough to do another cartoon. Hope you like it!Neurotico P85 Fitness Dough Boy