Miss Us Yet?

It only took a year to do a new cartoon-hope you enjoy!

Neurotico 133 Miss Us Yet? Color


Crybaby has Lunch With Zombie Hag

This zombie was nice enough to have lunch with me. She kinda creeped me out when she said that she couldn’t figure out where to bite me though. Looks like that wearing a silly paper mache head confuses them to that they won’t take a chomp out of your flesh! Remember that when the zombie apocalypse comes. Forget about knives and guns-start tearing your newspapers, and mixing your flour paste for a goofy mask!


Regurgitated Cartoon Friday!

A friend of mine, that happens to be a good writer, commented that my Borg cartoon was confusing, so I revised it! Anyway, in the place of a brand new, shiny cartoon today, you get a refried, redone, reworked one. At least it’s free!