About neuroticocomic

I was born a long, long, time ago in Kansas, inside a hollow log. Then I grew up, and went to college in Oklahoma, where I learned from kindly alcoholic artists. Then I moved to Dallas, Texas, where I worked at a fancy art studio for a zillion years. Then the studio went belly-up, and my friend Kim and I have freelanced ever since. We try to make as much money as we can for food, clothing, shelter, 44 oz. Diet Cokes, computers, art supplies and other essentials. Now, between advertising projects, I am working on my new comic “Neurotico.” Hope you will enjoy all of my cartoons and won't send me hate mail. Cause I love you all!

Beauty and Brains T-Shirt

Some dude on some website said they would buy this cartoon if it was on a t-shirt, and since I am a cheap art whore, I made one! More to come soon!



Merry Freaky Neurotic Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! It is that time again, when people are stressed out about company parties, shopping, and hanging our with unsavory extended family members. It is also the time when we make our year end music compilation, and the art that goes with it. Hope you like it and all of your holiday activities!

C-2017 Art

Drawing With Dad 1

My daughter and I discovered by accident, that DoodleCast records videos of drawings AND sound. We did several silly drawings with funny commentary that we would like to share with you. You can even hear my wife nagging me in the background! This is much better than all of those naked yoots trying to have sex with each other on that junky show the real life. This gives you a look into the life of a boring old guy and his feisty offspring as they create works of art that would make Picasso cry with jealousy! Sit back, enjoy, and come back for new videos, as I release them…

Granny Panties(I Can Do Anything)!

My daughter and I like to roam around coming up with stupid songs. She is fascinated  by the silly underpants known as Granny Panties. So much so, that she created this toe tapper…

“Granny panties are great, granny panties are fun,

while wearing them, I can walk on the sun!

Granny panties make me laugh, and they make me cry,

while wearing them, if I eat poison, I won’t die!

I put on my granny panties, not a moment too soon,

while wearing them, I don’t need a suit to walk on the moon!”

That’s as far as she got, but the kid show promise. She has the potential to be even dumber than her Dad!



Merry Neurotic Christmas!

Merry Christmas peeps! I hope that this post finds you all well, and ready for a great 2017.

Each year, I take a silly pop artist’s album cover and make a twisted version of it, with yours truly instead of of some semi-naked chick. I fell in love with the artwork from a Grimes album this year, and had to do a parody of it. I hope you all enjoy the sexiness! This is EXACTLY what I looked like last night, as I waited for Santa to bring me lots of Star Trek stuff…