About neuroticocomic

I was born a long, long, time ago in Kansas, inside a hollow log. Then I grew up, and went to college in Oklahoma, where I learned from kindly alcoholic artists. Then I moved to Dallas, Texas, where I worked at a fancy art studio for a zillion years. Then the studio went belly-up, and my friend Kim and I have freelanced ever since. We try to make as much money as we can for food, clothing, shelter, 44 oz. Diet Cokes, computers, art supplies and other essentials. Now, between advertising projects, I am working on my new comic “Neurotico.” Hope you will enjoy all of my cartoons and won't send me hate mail. Cause I love you all!

Merry Freaky Neurotic Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! It is that time again, when people are stressed out about company parties, shopping, and hanging our with unsavory extended family members. It is also the time when we make our year end music compilation, and the art that goes with it. Hope you like it and all of your holiday activities!

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