Drawing With Dad 2-The Sad Tale of MacGobber

As promised, here is the second high quality doodle cast video. This one is about a poor slob that never gets to leave work…


Merry Neurotic Christmas!

Merry Christmas peeps! I hope that this post finds you all well, and ready for a great 2017.

Each year, I take a silly pop artist’s album cover and make a twisted version of it, with yours truly instead of of some semi-naked chick. I fell in love with the artwork from a Grimes album this year, and had to do a parody of it. I hope you all enjoy the sexiness! This is EXACTLY what I looked like last night, as I waited for Santa to bring me lots of Star Trek stuff…



Junky, Cut-Rate, Subpar Work Cartoon

I have been so busy with work lately, that I have not been able to do any new cartoons! I feel guilty about luring poor souls to my blog, with the promise of new har har yucks, and not delivering! So here you go-a crappy, sloppy place holder for what should have been a finely crafted illustration!


First Comic Gallery Up

Finally-there are 25 comics in the comics section for your viewing pleasure and convenience! The original versions, with descriptions are still in the main blog thread if you wish to see more cartoons. I will be adding more to this section soon, so please check back!

Comics 1 Tile

Goin’ Dumpster Divin’!

We, here at Neurotico Inc., use only the finest materials in our products and costumes. And where do you find the best cardboard for masks and moving? In the dumpster! We sent our lazy intern, DeCarno, out to buy quality cardboard and art supplies, and he got the cardboard out of the dumpster behind the wine store on his booze run! We are thinking about cutting his pay. Wait, we don’t pay him anything…and for good reason!

dumpster diving_1




Ye Olde Artistic Method

I am doing a new cartoon, and thought that I would share this. Sometimes I just don’t have any idea of how to draw certain poses, so I have to resort to taking pics of myself. I will use this silly layout to do my pencil. This pic is scary because there are TWO of me, and I don’t think that world can handle more than one, because of the moldy smell…Panel 90 fans ripped my flesh