She-bo The Girl Hobo Drawing with Dad 3

Finally it can be told! The sad story of She-bo the girl Hobo!


Geeks Rule! Zula Geek T-Shirt Design

I know what you are probably thinking-when is the Neurotico crew going to stop making stuff to sell, and get back to drawing cartoons? Well, it costs a lot of money to buy ink and brushes, and, and… Wait-we don’t use ink or brushes here! We use computers, and they cost a bunch more than India ink! Anyway, comic goodness will resume soon. We pinky swear!

zula geeks rule

Romantic Tape Mixes

Did ya know that I am the most awesome DJ of all time(in my mind)? Keep that in mind, as you enjoy DJ Yo Krunk’s latest smooth mix of romantic goodness…

Neurotico Romantic Tapes