A Cautionary Tale of Parenting and Poo or Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up to Think That Poo is Funny

I thought that it would be funny to share the occasional toot joke or symphonic bowels tune or colon squeaker with my child. Unfortunately, I created a potty humor monster! The last straw was seeing this drawing she did at Church Sunday School. Parents, learn from my horrible mistakes, and don’t let an innocent, but stinky toot turn into a full scale incident at your house of worship!



Happy Constipation!

Who knew it was so hard to draw a constipated/passing gas face? They eyes either look too Asian, or the mouth too Joker-like, or the face too sad. I even modeled one after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall mind probe face, and that didn’t work! Cartooning and character design are a lot harder than one would think sometimes!

I used myself as the model for most of these. If the NSA is spying on me through my imac camera, they probably think I am crazy!