Ye Olde Artistic Method

I am doing a new cartoon, and thought that I would share this. Sometimes I just don’t have any idea of how to draw certain poses, so I have to resort to taking pics of myself. I will use this silly layout to do my pencil. This pic is scary because there are TWO of me, and I don’t think that world can handle more than one, because of the moldy smell…Panel 90 fans ripped my flesh

Another checker board art thingie layout with weird colors…

Another checker board art thingie layout with weird colors...

Here is my 100 millionth Neurotico cartoon teaser. I feel like I am getting sick, and this was all I could muster today. 🙂

The Double Chin that Launched 1000 Ships

Well, the double chin that jump started my diet! This uni-neck of mine is an abomination, and I just noticed it last night. I could hang withe the c-cup man breasts, award winning muffin top, but you can’t hid the uni-neck under a shirt! I am going to try to do the Atkins diet once again. Once more unto the breach my friends!