I Heart Pon Farr

I am suffering with a cold, so I have no witty chat today, but I do have a new cartoon for your viewing pleasure!

Carnal Convention


Art in Progress and…

Happy New Years! Here is my mess of a desk while I was drawing a recent cartoon. I like seeing other artist’s studios, but don’t show mine much, because crack houses are cleaner! The tools of the trade are all here-markers, pencils, reference, light table, eraser crumbs, and most importantly, soda and stale coffee.

art in progress_small

Home Office Benefits #1

I would like to say that I never look like the poor slob in this cartoon when I work at home, but that would be a lie! In the home office, bathings, toothbrushing, and deodorant are optional!Panel 103 Home Office Perks 1 Color_1

I am a doughboy once again…

I finally got a break from that horrible institution known as “work.” long enough to do another cartoon. Hope you like it!Neurotico P85 Fitness Dough Boy

Leaner and Meaner

I have lost about 13 lbs. in the last 3 weeks, which is good. The downside is that not having all of my favorite tasty treats has made me extra cranky and crabby! It is funny how important comfort food can be!  Not being able to graze on junk for 3 hours after dinner is making me go bonkers! If I can get rid of the need for a bro-bra, then it will be worth it!Image