Woo hoo! Free Neurotico Wallpaper (1280 x 1024) For You!

Be super cool by being one of the first to place this wallpaper on your computer! Sneak it on your coworker’s screens, and what them scratch their heads while trying to figure out what a “Neurotico” is. It is fun for the whole family and especially for Martian bed wetters!

Drag and drop to your desktop, and have your company computer geek show you how to install it. We here at Neurotico are not responsible for accidents related to wallpaper user’s supreme excitement over this free gift. This art is not meant to cure any disease or cause sudden weight loss.



Sex, Sex, Sex! We need more sex everywhere!

This cartoon was inspired by a Burger King ad, that had a girl that looked like a blow up doll getting ready to eat a 6 inch sandwich. It was soooooooo sexy!Image