Welcome Bizarro Fans and Assorted Cool People!

You poor slobs have been directed from the number one cartoonist in the world’s website, to the smelly butt-crack of cyberspace-the Neurotico blog! Thank you all for coming, and be sure to visit all the links at the top of the page for comics and other oddities. The main thread has tons of stuff as well, and lots of photos of our boss wearing a stupid paper mache head, that no one here will say looks ridiculous! To his face, that is!

Best wishes to you all! We wish we could have each and every one of you’s baby!


welcome Biz


Just an X-mas, er, uh, “Holiday” Cartoon

Happy there is no deity, and he sure didn’t have a son season everyone! I never understood why atheists complained about Christmas, since they get time off like the rest of us, but I digress…Neurotico Panel 72 21rst Century Scrooge

Shopping cart of strange wonders…

I bet the people at the grocery store wonder about my eating habits! While I am on the Atkins induction diet, my cart is full of a weird assortment of food. Last night, I had bacon, bacon bits, sugar free jello, cool whip, beef jerky, and peanuts. Just the diet of a single guy, or the diet of a raving madman? You be the judge!Image