Happy Halloween! Wait-what?

It’s not Halloween? It was last week? Rats! Late again! I don’t want to wait another year to show the Headless Crybaby, so here it is-a week late, or fifty-one weeks early…



It’s Alive!

Crybaby is now wired and ready for action! Wonder how long this will stay in one piece? I added the clay zits on top to stabilize the stars and planets, and taped the battery compartment inside the mask. Each time I work on this, it gets heavier! But special effects make Crybaby 2.0 worth it!


The Strange Case of Mr. Doofus and The Business Man

Saturday was a fun day, but a beating! Spent most of the day at Dallas Comiccon Fan Days in Irving, then drove into Dallas for a book signing. Only gallons of coffee and soft drinks kept my old carcass from having a fit of narcolepsy. In my caffeine induced stupor, I thought it would be fun to take selfies in public restrooms like teenage girls, strippers and hog farmers. I think I was actually more comfortable in the paper mache head, than the 15 year old suit pants. At least the cartoon outfit pants didn’t pinch my muffin top so much that I thought that I was going to pass out! And they were purposely high water pants…

crybaby selfie toilet1A

Frank, You Plagiarizing $@#&%!!!

When I saw the first info for this movie, I was quite amused! A musician that only preforms in public in a paper mache mask? Ha ha-great stuff! I am not really mad at the movie for ripping off my shtick, because I am a poor nobody that they didn’t know exists. Do you think I have a lawsuit though? I could use some cash-ha ha!


Please Pretend That This is a Very Important Post!


I haven’t been able to share anything about my Dallas ComicCon stuff lately, due to that vile thing known as…”work.” I have my postcards, business cards, and t-shirt printed, and teeth are now glued in my mask. This weekend will be a mad dash to get the mask exterior and head harness inside completed. My famous genius cartoonist friend, whom I can’t name because that would make me a big name-dropping poopy-head, sent me a great design for the head harness that I will be attempting to make. Wish me luck y’all! And God bless us every one!comiconstuff


Plagiarism R’ Us or Please Don’t Sue Me Cause…

my daughter thinks my mask looks like your character! My daughter came home from the library with this book on the right, and said, “Your mask looks like David!” Ack! It kinda does at this point, but won’t when I am done. Or at least, that is what our office of lawyers here at Neurotico World Headquarters told me to say…har har!

mask david

Life From Within the Bubble…

Paper mache stage one is done, and I have a hole cut our for the mask’s mouth. Now I have to find some way to secure this one my head. I may fill it with newspapers, or soundproofing foam, or old tighty whities. Got to figure this out, before I start painting!


Bubble Boy 1

The Stupidness begins…

I have finally started my paper mache mask for Dallas ComicCon! It is a slow process, so hopefully, I will be done before the convention next month. I have no idea of how it is going to turn out, or work when I put it on my head, so it could be an embarrassing disaster!

Paper Mache1