Stinko De Mayo is Here!

My wife buys aromatherapy stuff, but when the dog walks in, forget it! He is anti-aromatherapy! If something that smells like a dirty wig full of dried spit on top of roadkill wearing a hobo’s underwear is your cup of tea, then he might help you relax! All he does to me though, is make me come up with extreme ways to combat his stench…

Neurotico Stencho De Mayo Cartoon


The Double Chin that Launched 1000 Ships

Well, the double chin that jump started my diet! This uni-neck of mine is an abomination, and I just noticed it last night. I could hang withe the c-cup man breasts, award winning muffin top, but you can’t hid the uni-neck under a shirt! I am going to try to do the Atkins diet once again. Once more unto the breach my friends!