Jello and Jerky

People at the store think I am crazy when I check out with my Atkins approved foods. The last time, I checked out with tasty sugar-free jello and brand-X beef jerky. The lady looked at it kinda funny, and I told her I was on the diet. She laughed and said that she liked to take note of what people buy, and she hoped that I was not going to eat them together-ha ha! I will eat just about anything, but jello and jerky are not two great flavors that go together. And I will not eat roasted grubs, or anything else from Fear Factor or that show on the cooking channel where they guy travels the world eating nasty stuff! I laugh when the guys choke on live octopus, but I digress, as usual…Image


Shopping cart of strange wonders…

I bet the people at the grocery store wonder about my eating habits! While I am on the Atkins induction diet, my cart is full of a weird assortment of food. Last night, I had bacon, bacon bits, sugar free jello, cool whip, beef jerky, and peanuts. Just the diet of a single guy, or the diet of a raving madman? You be the judge!Image