Pretty Cartoon Characters

Between looking for meals in dumpsters behind 7-11 and Starbucks, I managed to paint these three characters. Payment for them will hopefully buy us more food than the grass clippings, half eaten big bite hot dogs, and coffee grounds we have been surviving on lately. crab beach pelican Mud Skipper


Cliche A-Go-Go!

I realized as I was drawing this, that it is chuck full of cliches! How many can you find? Guess the number right, and you win absolutely nothing!

Romantic Extortion

Naked god

While I was doing research for this cartoon, I discovered that there is a real place called “Zues Land.” Then I went back and checked again, and that story was gone. I must stop eating hallucinogenic peanut butter when I am working!


Neurotico Panel 108 Naked god

Shopping cart of strange wonders…

I bet the people at the grocery store wonder about my eating habits! While I am on the Atkins induction diet, my cart is full of a weird assortment of food. Last night, I had bacon, bacon bits, sugar free jello, cool whip, beef jerky, and peanuts. Just the diet of a single guy, or the diet of a raving madman? You be the judge!Image