Grab Yer Barf Bags! It’s Home Repair Time!

Have you ever looked at product instructions, and wondered what they would look like if they described the procedure honestly?



Life From Within the Bubble…

Paper mache stage one is done, and I have a hole cut our for the mask’s mouth. Now I have to find some way to secure this one my head. I may fill it with newspapers, or soundproofing foam, or old tighty whities. Got to figure this out, before I start painting!


Bubble Boy 1

The Stupidness begins…

I have finally started my paper mache mask for Dallas ComicCon! It is a slow process, so hopefully, I will be done before the convention next month. I have no idea of how it is going to turn out, or work when I put it on my head, so it could be an embarrassing disaster!

Paper Mache1