Name Droppin’ Chump!

I did a portrait of my famous cartoonist friend, and thought that I would share it with you. I Neuroticocized him! His name is Dan Piraro. If I name drop him on here enough, maybe his talent and famousness will rub off on me! Dan Piraro. Dan Piraro. Dan Piraro. Dan Piraro. Dan. Piraro. Dan. Dan. Piraro. Daniel Piraro. Daniel Tiberius Piraro. Dan the Man Piraro. D-D-D-D-Dan. Muh, muh, muh, my Piraro! Rats, its not working! Even singing his name is not helping! Sigh.

A Bizarre Compilation_1


Guest Cartoonist Emma’s Freak Baby

Forget about that chump Billy at the Family Circus-Emma is the best guest cartoonist in cartoonland, er, cartoonville, uh, on cartoon island, or whatever the world of cartoons is called!


Guest Cartoonist Emma Part 2-Fire!

Emma thinks it is funny to show me cowering in fear as the living room television is on fire! She forgot to draw my face, but got my grey hair standing up straight, and my grey Duck Dynasty goatee right!

Don’t play with matches near your TV kids!