Old ‘n Busted

Ah, I remember those times like they were yesterday! Young, attractive women checking me out, and gay men with cross eyes(true story) trying to pick me up. Now I just sit in the corner while my wife throws rotten tomatoes, other produce and air filters at me. Sigh.

Neurotico Cartoon 115 Old N Busted

Truth is Stranger Than Science Fiction and Cosplay…

I was looking for reference for Star Trek Mirror Mirror costumes and boots, and I found this crazy 3d image of a fan designed outfit. My cosplay character is going to show the bottom of her breasts kinda like this, but I never thought I would find an image that was as crazy as what I had envisioned! Put a bra on girl-you are going to catch a cold!


Naked god

While I was doing research for this cartoon, I discovered that there is a real place called “Zues Land.” Then I went back and checked again, and that story was gone. I must stop eating hallucinogenic peanut butter when I am working!


Neurotico Panel 108 Naked god

Give the Gift of Har Har for Christmas!

Have trouble finding just the right gift for that person that has everything? Why not send the Neurotic Comic link to them? Free ha ha, funny humor for the whole year! As an added bonus, they may be offended by something on the blog! Perfect revenge for the annoying family member that insulted your political views at Christmas dinner!

C-2009 Cover color 1






Have you ever wondered…

what you would have done in the past, during a horrible disaster? I have always wondered why the men on the Titanic just twiddled their thumbs and went down with the ship. I would have been tearing huge hunks of wood off the ship, to make a makeshift raft or something, rather than just standing on deck, listening to the violin player, as the ship sank down to Davy Jone’s Locker! Or I might have done this…

Panel 98 Me In History 1 Titanic

Halloween and other Holidays

I love Halloween! And other lesser known holidays, such as “50% off Halloween Stuff Day,” that comes directly after Halloween. I also consider Black Friday to be another important holiday, but I am getting off the subject of Halloween. What life could be complete without 15 pounds of gruesome, stale Halloween candy? Especially when it is still around, and turning chalky grey after the next Valentine’s Day?

Neurotico Comic 97 Somebody Stop Me!