I am a doughboy once again…

I finally got a break from that horrible institution known as “work.” long enough to do another cartoon. Hope you like it!Neurotico P85 Fitness Dough Boy


Another checker board art thingie layout with weird colors…

Another checker board art thingie layout with weird colors...

Here is my 100 millionth Neurotico cartoon teaser. I feel like I am getting sick, and this was all I could muster today. 🙂

Bowel Buddies Base Art

Ok, I fibbed about the Bowel Buddies logo. I did it for this cartoon. Believe it or not, there is actually a food called “Bowel Buddies,” that came out after I came up with the idea for this! I am afraid to put the whole cartoon on with the dialog, because people will probably be offended, even though that the toon is pure satire. Enjoy the artwork though! You can come up with your own text!Panel 74 Bowel Buddies 1 template

Poor Transitional Forms! Or should I say “Dinner?”

Just a new cartoon for your enjoyment. I hope you enjoy it, or otherwise it sucks, and I have wasted 35 seconds of your life!

Jello and Jerky

People at the store think I am crazy when I check out with my Atkins approved foods. The last time, I checked out with tasty sugar-free jello and brand-X beef jerky. The lady looked at it kinda funny, and I told her I was on the diet. She laughed and said that she liked to take note of what people buy, and she hoped that I was not going to eat them together-ha ha! I will eat just about anything, but jello and jerky are not two great flavors that go together. And I will not eat roasted grubs, or anything else from Fear Factor or that show on the cooking channel where they guy travels the world eating nasty stuff! I laugh when the guys choke on live octopus, but I digress, as usual…Image

Shopping cart of strange wonders…

I bet the people at the grocery store wonder about my eating habits! While I am on the Atkins induction diet, my cart is full of a weird assortment of food. Last night, I had bacon, bacon bits, sugar free jello, cool whip, beef jerky, and peanuts. Just the diet of a single guy, or the diet of a raving madman? You be the judge!Image