Art in Progress and…

Happy New Years! Here is my mess of a desk while I was drawing a recent cartoon. I like seeing other artist’s studios, but don’t show mine much, because crack houses are cleaner! The tools of the trade are all here-markers, pencils, reference, light table, eraser crumbs, and most importantly, soda and stale coffee.

art in progress_small


Happy Constipation!

Who knew it was so hard to draw a constipated/passing gas face? They eyes either look too Asian, or the mouth too Joker-like, or the face too sad. I even modeled one after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall mind probe face, and that didn’t work! Cartooning and character design are a lot harder than one would think sometimes!

I used myself as the model for most of these. If the NSA is spying on me through my imac camera, they probably think I am crazy!


Ye Olde Artistic Method

I am doing a new cartoon, and thought that I would share this. Sometimes I just don’t have any idea of how to draw certain poses, so I have to resort to taking pics of myself. I will use this silly layout to do my pencil. This pic is scary because there are TWO of me, and I don’t think that world can handle more than one, because of the moldy smell…Panel 90 fans ripped my flesh