Whoever Wins, We Lose, The T-Shirt!

One hundred million zillion trillion people voted for me to do this t-shirt and put it on Zazzle, so here it is! It is in the Neurotico store at the following address:


Good night all, and good luck!


Vote Early-Vote Often!

Greetings fellow humans! I was thinking about making this into a t-shirt for my Zazzle store. Do you think it would sell? If not, I am not going to waste any time going beyond this color comp. It is supposed to be a parody of the Alien Vs. Predator movie poster, but that may have gotten lost in the shuffle.


Star Trek 50th Anniversary Comic

Ok, I lied, I didn’t do this for the 50 anniversary, but thought I would share it anyway!  Shout out to all of the poor redshirts out there in the Star Trek universe…neurotico_panel-29-redshirt-st_1

Return of the Undead Comic

Here is another 25 year old comic that I unearthed. There are so many odd things happening in this image that I am not sure where to start! For one thing, why am I not using my real name? Second, why are there two cartoon characters I created when I was a kid trying to explain the joke? Third, would anyone but an old Okie understand the “so hungry that my stomach thinks my throats been cut” reference? Fourth, why does one of the scientists look like the songwriter from the band Yello? Fifth, who is the tiny guy up in the corner with the bow tie? So many questions-so little time!

Event Horizon 1



A Cartoon to Insult Your Sensitivies and Make Your Mother Scream

Ok, your Mom would probably like it. Unless she is a crackhead or hobo. Hobos definitely get riled up about this cartoon. I showed it to some local gentlemen in a box car on the other side of the tracks, and they threw their pork and beans at me, and chased me half way home! Hobos are fast!

Neurotico Punks Parenting


One Hundred and Fiddy Million Year Old Cartoon

This cartoon comes from an ancient, dark, desperate period of human history-the early 1990’s. At least it was a dark time for me. Maybe that is why most of my fledgling cartoon efforts had to do with the grim reaper. Each comic has a different strip name, and I sign with different names. Maybe it was because I knew they sucked! Anyway, here is the first of three old comics I did. I am stalling for time, since full time employment keeps me from doing new ones. Enjoy!Grim Comix 1A

R.I.P Sir Stinksalot

My wife had to put our 18 year old dog to sleep today. Kip was also known as Stinky, the Carcass, the Lord of Stench, and Satan. He was very annoying, and I probably lost at least a year of sleep in the 10 years that I lived with him. He also turned my hair grey with his strange nocturnal noises, barking, licking, grunting, and mind numbing stink. All of that aside, I loved the mutant Shih Tzu in my own weird way. I wonder how long I will call out to him when I get home from work, forgetting that he is gone. This whole death thing really sucks.


Star Wars, Star Wars Everywhere!

Have you purchased the new movie on blue-ray? Got your Star Wars toothpaste? Underwear? Oranges? The list of Star Wars products is endless! Maybe, you can pick up these as well…

Neurotico 132 Star Wars Products