Whoever Wins, We Lose, The T-Shirt!

One hundred million zillion trillion people voted for me to do this t-shirt and put it on Zazzle, so here it is! It is in the Neurotico store at the following address:


Good night all, and good luck!



6 thoughts on “Whoever Wins, We Lose, The T-Shirt!

  1. Thank you-you are very kind. 🙂 I don’t think I will sell anything though. I have had my zazzle store up for 2 years and haven’t made a single sale. I went to post it on Saturday, and my whole store was nearly gone! Header was gone, no products were showing, ect. I reworked real quick. I don’t know if anyone even sees my stuff. Will try anyway! Hope all is well with you all!


    • You are very welcome. Believe me Jon & I both know how hard business is especially now that we have not just one business but two. Are we crazy, YES! We went to our first Arlington Chamber of Commerce meeting this morning in hopes of making good contacts with good people to do business with – not an easy task. Everyone there was very nice so hopefully we’ve found a good group of business people. I’ll keep passing on your pieces. Good luck!

      • I hear ya! Good luck on networking-it can be rough. Kim(my designer friend) and I would go to networking deals, and sorta stand in the corner by ourselves. Two introverts trying to sell is tough! Zazzle wrote and told me that my store was invisible due to the content changes they made a year ago. Thanks for the heads up guys! Anyway, keep me updated on your progress. I really wish you guys the best of luck!

    • Hey, I appreciate your advice. I haven’t sold a single shirt. Does Deviant art sell stuff? I have a profile on there that no one ever visits. I don’t have much luck on-line! Hope all is well with you!


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