Vote Early-Vote Often!

Greetings fellow humans! I was thinking about making this into a t-shirt for my Zazzle store. Do you think it would sell? If not, I am not going to waste any time going beyond this color comp. It is supposed to be a parody of the Alien Vs. Predator movie poster, but that may have gotten lost in the shuffle.



7 thoughts on “Vote Early-Vote Often!

  1. Love your site! My fave art is batwoman – what is TP? looks like watercolor – quirky with ciggie, beautiful without it. As for this – good for Trump supporters, not so attractive to Hilary siders. Hope this helps šŸ™‚

  2. Heh, I say go for it. This is one campaign unlike any other I say you should be a part of it and sell your work. Good luck and let us know so I can post it to my Facebook page.

    • Hey Dee Anna! How are you and Jon? I appreciate the encouragement. How did you find my blog? Through my Facebook page? I am going to go for it-need to get it done and posted, but have been helping my daughter with math(a scary prospect!) and tax stuff. I will let you know when it is done. Again, I appreciate your encouragement, and the willingness to post it on your page.

      • Hi, we are good. Jon and I both follow your blog. We just don’t usually comment. We’ve been doing a big Creator Age push for the 2 year anniversary of his book. Plus he is getting ready to launch a new Creator Age product in the next couple of weeks if all goes according to plan. Fingers crossed. I’m working on my own lifestyle line ,Anna Dvor, full time since May. I have handbags being manufactured now and will being selling at market in January. We should all get together and have dinner sometime.

        Good luck with the shirts and let me know when they’re ready I’ll post them to our sites. Those of us with our own businesses have to stick together to make a splash in the pond. : )

        Good to hear from you. Take care.

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