Crybaby Base Drawing for Animation

Here is the base pose/expression for the Crybaby. Can’t wait for him to move and speak with my nasally voice!

crybaby for animation


8 thoughts on “Crybaby Base Drawing for Animation

  1. Hi I like your blog and thought I’d leave my mark. Or address at least since my site is still private..and I don’t have allot of knowledge of computers, technology, Internet, spell check, or art really.. But I am determined to teach my damn self and I am learning bits here and there so any kind of knowledge you are interested in sharing, I am open to all.. Drawing painting and clay and metal and acrylics and vinyl toy customizing for sure! So I’ll just hope that you are having a good day and I am not crazy I swear.. But hopefully I’ll get to communicate with you and your blog, or pet goat.. OK see ya…💩💩🙀💩💩💩⭐💩💩💩💩😬💩⭐💩⭐💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩⭐

    • You marked your territory with poop-ha ha! Thanks for dropping by-good luck with your blog, and learning all the art and computer stuff! It is tough, and all of us work on learning more everyday! 🙂

  2. Question for you..I have a crappy Mac that was a hand me down, and it’s full of junk and slow as hell. I can’t override the password set on it, so I am not able to get uploaded any art and graphics apps. I was able to go through chrome and start my own space. But I still can’t find anything that is a useful drawing and editing tools for me to try and upgrade my art. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks Sarah

  3. Hey Sarah, I will investigate this more when I have time, but I round this about the admin password on a mac. I hope it will help you.

    Here is a free painting program I found. If you search for free painting programs for mac, you might find something better.

    Hope that helps!


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