It’s Alive!

Crybaby is now wired and ready for action! Wonder how long this will stay in one piece? I added the clay zits on top to stabilize the stars and planets, and taped the battery compartment inside the mask. Each time I work on this, it gets heavier! But special effects make Crybaby 2.0 worth it!



11 thoughts on “It’s Alive!

    • I just noticed that. I have a friend who often goes to Dallas to do reporting. But on such short notice I’m sure he’s got other plans. He’s the one I was going to suggest in Austin. Dang. Wish I cold have helped get you someone to help. Oh well.

  1. Wow, that would have been super kind of you! I appreciate it. Sometimes, I do ok alone. At advertising mixers that is. Being in a place of 66,000 geeks is different though! πŸ™‚

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