Do I REALLY Want to Do My Website From Scratch?

I am caught in a dilemma. I want to show more of my advertising art on my old website. Unfortunately, it was done in Dreamweaver by my art friend Rich. I do not own Dreamweaver, or know how to use it to update that site. My option is to rebuild it from scratch with Freeway Express and upload to my provider, or do it with Squarespace and pay $96 for next year. Sigh.

Have you been to my old site? It is here….




4 thoughts on “Do I REALLY Want to Do My Website From Scratch?

  1. Your old site looks cool, I had never seen it until now. I can understand your situation though, have you maybe thought about someone who freelances? It might be worth checking around, you can find people who do great work at a decent price.

    • You are so right in pointing out the SEO problem! Thanks for pointing that out, and for offering help! I am thinking about redoing it in the free Freeway Express 6. I think I understand it enough to do it. No fancy special effects, but it would have the web search info. Great thinking-thanks!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments! I guess I could go out on a limb, and have my friend that put it together for me before for free, and offer to pay him to update. But pay? That is crazy talk-ha ha! And sides, I am broke!

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