20 Year Old Painting

I started this 20 years ago, and I guess I should finish it. The thought of having to draw by hand, and paint with oil fills me with fear though!

Crucify Detail


14 thoughts on “20 Year Old Painting

  1. You say finish it? What in the world have you got to finish? Lol, joking, but I think it looks great as it sets. I’m not very good with paint as well, I haven’t touched any since high school.

    • Thank you kindly! This part is just a close up of the board. There is a bunch of space outside this that I had planned on putting a bunch more faces. I think I bit off more than I could chew! 🙂 I hate regular paint because you can’t command Z!

  2. I dig it a lot! I can see where you are headed with this, if you just finish the high light pass it would REALLY, REALLY put this piece on a whole other level!

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