“Bizarro” Creator Dan Piraro’s Cool T-Shirt

Hey Folks! Dan Piraro, creator of the world famous cartoon “Bizarro,” is selling these cool shirts! Please go scope them out and buy one for each member of your tribe. He said that if I posted this on my blog, that he would give me a gallon milk jug of crunched up egg shells, and who can pass up an offer like that?







2 thoughts on ““Bizarro” Creator Dan Piraro’s Cool T-Shirt

  1. We hate to agree with t-shirts, but… Thanks, Steven, for your continuing interest in “L.A. Alley by Jose Hazy,” which is gratifying to Jo and Filmbell. There are twenty more images due from Jose by year’s end, and we hope you continue to enjoy them. Needless to add, your site is expert and varied, but you knew that already. You like the early Mad Magazine? We thought we sensed the distant influences of Wallace Wood and Bill Elder et al upon your work.

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