Plagiarism R’ Us or Please Don’t Sue Me Cause…

my daughter thinks my mask looks like your character! My daughter came home from the library with this book on the right, and said, “Your mask looks like David!” Ack! It kinda does at this point, but won’t when I am done. Or at least, that is what our office of lawyers here at Neurotico World Headquarters told me to say…har har!

mask david


7 thoughts on “Plagiarism R’ Us or Please Don’t Sue Me Cause…

    • Thank you for your kind words! Like I always say, if you are going to rip someone off, rip off the best-har har! Just kidding, in case the David artist sees this. It will look TOTALLY DIFFERENT when I am done!

      Are you an art teacher?


      • Technically, I’m an English Teacher but I’m something of a permanent substitute. If I’m asked to teach art, I do. Went back to school for my art degree at night though, so maybe it will be a permanent thing. Anyway, love your talent with constructing these characters. It looks like it took a lot of work but it also looks like fun!

  1. Cool that you can teach art! A friend of mine works at the Art Institute of Dallas. Thank you for you kind comments again. Drawing this stuff does take a while! I started out thinking about doing a simple style, so that I could get cartoons done quickly, but I wound up doing more detailed stuff anyway! I enjoy your blog and drawings you post. I loved a fish character that I saw on the blog!

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