Life From Within the Bubble…

Paper mache stage one is done, and I have a hole cut our for the mask’s mouth. Now I have to find some way to secure this one my head. I may fill it with newspapers, or soundproofing foam, or old tighty whities. Got to figure this out, before I start painting!


Bubble Boy 1


4 thoughts on “Life From Within the Bubble…

    • Thank you! And thanks for following my blog. πŸ™‚ I have looked at your pics, but I have a hard time knowing where to comment so that you will see it!

      I have ears and a nose on him now. I gessoed the mask, and painted it with flesh color paint. Will post an update soon.

      • You’re welcome, it looks like it must have been a right challenge! Honestly, comment anywhere you’d like to, hopefully it should send my a notification and take my right to it so I’d see it. πŸ™‚

        Oh wow, it definitely sounds like it’s coming on! Are you going to post something with how it’s developed? I’d love to be able to look through how it’s progressed!

  1. I posted a new image of it with flesh colored paint on it. I am taking pics of each stage, so I will probably do what you suggest and post a progression image when I am done. Thanks for taking interest in the project. Seems like that people are more interested in the mask than my regular cartoons-ha ha!

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